Fuel your creative work with events
Everything you need to create, manage and get booked* for virtual and in-person events without worrying about the tech.
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*Yes, get booked for events. See how.
Creators love Gathr
"Gathr took my event to a level that I never thought possible. On my own, it probably would have been mediocre. Gathr made it high end.”
Erin Caroll-Manning
Creators love Gathr
Create your virtual events in one place
No need to stitch together multiple apps.
Elevated Event Invitation Pages
Customize your event page and make it work for your community.
Sell tickets or collect RSVPs
Add multiple ticket tiers to your events or easily organize your free events with RSVPs. Easy and secure payments.
Integrate any video platform
Add any video platform to a dedicated virtual event page that attendees will be able to access without worrying about the tech.
Get booked for events in three easy steps.
No matter how big your audience is you can start generating income.
1. Set your own schedule
Organize your schedule and availability without the back and forth emails in one live calendar.
2. Set your rate
Simple and customizable fee structures designed to cover your own specific requirements.
3. Share your profile
Get an easy-to-share profile and let your biggest fans and supporters to book you directly.
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Creators are an emerging force of entertainment and expertise
Your Questions Answered
How do I get paid?
Directly into your PayPal account after the event. FYI, we take 0% fees from you for your self-hosted paid events. Easy!
How much does it cost?
No monthly costs. Gathr is free to use, we make money only when you make money. Also, we don't take a cut from your self-hosted paid events. We have a small 6% service fee for third-party bookings (+ payment processing).
How much I can earn?
The creators, as an emerging force of entertainment and expertise, are changing the landscape of event booking. No matter how big your audience is you can start generating income getting booked for events.
Can I use Gathr for my free events?
Absolutely. You can create unlimited free events that your fans can RSVP to. We have simplified the process. And, by the way, it’s a great way to capture your audience’s email addresses.
Who is behind Gathr?
Our founder and CEO is a filmmaker who understands the challenges of creative work and he is passionate about helping creators expand their opportunities.
Eventbrite or Gathr? What’s the difference?
Eventbrite is great if you are an event planner or promoter, it is not designed for creators. Also, in Gathr not only can you set up your own events but also you can get booked for events.
How do I get in touch with you?
Ask a question in the help center, or DM us on Instagram to schedule a 1:1 consultation with our team.